iPhone 6s plus 32 Gb and 64 gb

N 85000 to 100000

Hotel bar Wine trolley
Can be used to carry many times wines about while servi

N 14000

Ankarra Fabrics
6 yard Ankarra Fabrics

N 5000

Phree Electronic Sensor Pen
Using the Phree pen, you can write anything anywhe

N 25000

Electric Shower
Make your bathing easy

N 10000

Mouse Trap Board
Glue board that traps rats once they step on it. Get r

N 350

Boogie digital writing pad
Liquid Crystal Paper - A writing tool to plan, sketch a

N 30000

Fingerprint Lock
Make your apartments safe by not using locks which sev

N 10000

iPhone 6s Plus 32gb

N 85000

Queek Triim
Queek Triim Herbal Tea is traditionally used for weight

N 8000

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